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The Transition Coach who helps busy professionals get out of their comfort zone. Stop Waiting and start doing. A year from now-no regrets


Dr. Shelly Cameron

Author | Speaker | Transition Coach

As a busy management professional, you have been at it for years. You may have experienced:
  • A burning desire for change in your career or pondering the decision to Move from Employee to Entrepreneur.
  • A change has been thrust your way—without notice. Without warning you have been blindsided.
  • Sometimes you feel like a failure—as though you’re just ‘winging’ it.
  • You’re a workaholic who wants the time and space to do the things you’ve always dreamed of. Things such as spending time with your family or to getaway on that dream vacation that you promised yourself years ago.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or stressed, this Companion Workbook is for you. It provides exercises, activities, and assessments designed to help you on your personal learning journey to accomplish your dreams, goals, and aspirations.