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Dr. Shelly has 25+ years of Strategy, Research, transformational experience across the full spectrum of OD/HR disciplines. She is skilled at Leadership, Talent Development and Managing individual and organizational change. She Helps individuals navigate their careers. She holds Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, graduate degrees in HR Development, Health Administration and BSc Management. Dr. Shelly inspires individuals to discover who they are and to become their best possible self to achieve Success as they define it.

Email: scameron@ccahr.com


I stepped out of my comfort zone. You are a Gift.

B. King

You lead with your heart and it's contagious

Attorney S.M. Powell

Shelly is a very dedicated, knowledgeable, trustworthy consultant that has the wisdom and ability to connect with her clients and bring out the best out of them.

Dr. Fereshteh Amin - Professor of Management

You are an inspirational woman! Thank you for being there for me and helping me navigate my career!

Fara - Journalist

Thank you is not enough. I am grateful to have you as a resource.

J. Leea

I can definitely vouch for Dr. Cameron. Recently I became overwhelmed with my dissertation. I had this “I want it done and out of the way” attitude. I called her and told her how I was feeling. I was almost done, and her first question was, if you have done this, this, and this, what is the hurry? She reminded me that I had to yield to the process but most importantly she wanted to see my timeline. I had none. She encouraged me to create one and send it to her. I did. Last night I completed chapter 4.

Dr. Sharon

Words alone can't express my gratitude and appreciation for the services provided by Cameron Calder & Associates LLC --namely, Dr. Shelly Cameron. In preparing for interviews I realized that I possessed the knowledge and skills necessary to perform my role as a healthcare professional; however, I lacked the confidence and ability to convey my worth to future employers. Under the instruction of Dr. Cameron, I was able to confidently and boldly stress how valuable of an asset I would be to future employers. Her strategies are thorough and effective. Thank you for providing me with the tools necessary to master any interview.

Tamara Sawyers - MSN/EDU,RN

“Great book by Dr Shelly. Met her at an event dedicated to support Caribbean Entrepreneurs and more in (Washington) DC. Such a pleasure seeing someone who ascribes and embodies the ethos of her book. Success Strategies is a sweet source of regular inspiration and strategic direction that applies to my situation and that of many others. You can take a nugget at a time and apply that to an approach or predicament. Succeed and revisit for another nugget. Thank you for a great piece of work.”

Einsten Ntim